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Imagine you perform music and you want your audience included. Do you want them to play YOUR instruments? With SWARMED all your audience needs are mobile devices and they can interact with your performance.

SWARMED is more of a technical demo than an instrument. Essentially the audience is engaged by connecting their wireless devices to your wireless network, and having instruments UIs delivered to them via a captive portal webserver.

This webserver is an application webserver that ferries their instrument input to your instrument, allow for maximal audience participation.

Example instrument architecture


Original Proposal

An Audience driven electro-acoustic performance based on smartphone interaction.

By running an open wireless router audience members will be invited to control digital instruments and provide input to an instrument hosted on a laptop acting as a webserver to their input. The audience input will be processed and used to produce a live soundscape.

From the audience perspective they will receive instructions to connect to an open wifi router with their phones, their browsers will be redirected to a random webpage that hosts an instrument interface. From there they can provide input to the performance which will be slightly controlled by me, the operator.

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