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The Cup-O-mo-phone is essentially 4 touch sliders made out of video cassette tape. The video cassette tape combined with some elastic band turns into a cheap touch slider. The elastic bands keep the top tape separated from the bottom tape but not far enough that pressure won't join the tapes.

I use the arduino's A/D to read in the variable voltage from each of the 4 touch sliders. Then I use csound to convert it into a musical instrument.

For the source code to the perl script, csound instrument and samples, and the arduino source code see:

The circuit is a voltage divider, I'm using 47k resistors and start off with a 10 ohm resistor at the start. Because I didn't double up the paths the multitouch aspect doesn't work yet and would require more wiring. I want to jam that little breadboard in the cup so wiring will be less of a hassle.

Side cutaway view of the cup


The Cup-O-mo-phone, the breadboard and the arduino

Closer view of the Cup-O-mo-phone

Example of how you would play a Cup-o-mo-phone

Side view of Cup-o-mo-phone.

Arduino and Breadboard

Arduino and Breadboard

Arduino and Breadboard

Note the screw, the tape, the magnetic tape, the alligator clips.

Magnetic Tape from a video cassette

Future Work

I have a bunch of a mercury rocker switches I want to add to it.

Why not?