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Edmonton Alberta (YEG) Developer and Programming Language User Groups and Meetups


This page is dedicated to tracking groups in Edmonton who are dedicated to software development and meeting up and talking about software development. These meetups tend to include 4 or more people who sit in a social scenario and talk shop or have a more formal meeting including presentations, tutorials and instruction.

User Groups

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Please email me if your group is not on this list! I will gladly update this page for you (as this is a private wiki). Furthermore I will grant you access to the YEG Programmers Google Calendar.

You can view this calendar as a meta group to help organize programming related meetups.

I, Abram, live in Edmonton and we have a very vibrant tech scene here. It is definitely better than Waterloo, ON right now due to the oil boom here in Alberta. There's a lot of software and hardware development going on in the oil sands and in town as well as Calgary.

Full Disclosure

I am a professor of Computing Science at the University of Alberta and I do research on software engineering (similar to sociology). I have a passion and love for developing software and felt that YEG needed some meta-organization for it's various development groups.